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Unlike her descendant, the Inventor grew up virtually isolated from the rest of Alternian society by means of geography rather than self-imposed social crippling. Though her home was not just an unfurnished cave, it was miles and miles away from the next hive. With supplies provided to her by her lusus, she grew up not only studying chemical reactions, but also creating new devices, machines and chemical substances the likes of which Alternian society had not yet seen up to this point. Although she was in the middle of nowhere, it didn't take long for someone to stumble on such a technologically advanced hive...well, in the middle of nowhere.

The Inventor was then recruited by the Alternian empire (I think I was thinking Solluxs' ancestors for that or whatever troll works in the empire fuck), and worked on developing new technology for the Imperial Fleet. More busy now than ever, she hired an impressively strong highblood known as the Engineer to basically do the manual labor on the blueprints that she laid out. For the next few sweeps, he lived in her hive while he worked and everything was fie.

When the Engineer was paralyzed, the Inventor--now forcefully involved in the bullshit that is Alternian hemocaste politics-- put the Engineer on the culling block immediately. However, it was plainly obvious to her and a handful of others that the Engineer escaped, so with some help from other highbloods in power, they covered it up and erased any mentions of the lowblood from the archives. A sweep or two after the Engineer's "death," the Inventor seemed to go mad and abandoned her job with the Alternian Empire. She retreated back to her secluded hive and refused to see anyone from the Empire or otherwise. While this kind of insolence wouldn't be tolerated normally, even from highbloods, the Inventor had basically spent the majority of her sweeps up to that point developing dangerous chemicals and death machines, so anyone that even though to follow her was considered to have a death wish (not that anyone but maybe one or two trolls even knew where her old hive was to begin with).

It was at this point that the theories of the Inventor going crazy came from, because it was here she began to resume her study of the hard sciences rather than invention blueprints. It was also here, that she began to dip into less logical practices like alchemy and-- as some suspect-- magic. Having abandoned her old role and title, she then became known as the Sorcerer, and amounted to little more than Alternian urban legend-- a disgraced highblood that lived in the middle of nowhere, crafting potions and deadly poisons, trying to tap into dark majyyks that normally only lowbloods were able to harness.

The Sorcerer lives out the rest of her sweeps being a sort of boogeyman of young trolls' nightmares (as if the imperial drones weren't enough), completely consumed in her sudies and avoiding nearly all contact with society, not unlike a hermit. Though no stories are on record to say so, many trolls sought her creations for a variety of reasons, and she became quite for those outside of the Empire. She willingly did business with quite a few unsavory characters, so long as they no longer disturbed her work once they got what they wanted.


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